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After your set-up is completed, companies receive one month of search, email and/or social media marketing. This includes account optimization, daily posts on social media, regular email marketing or customer relationship management. We provide you with targeted visitors with new sales/conversions. If we deliver, great; keep us around. If we don't, cancel anytime. No contracts. Request a Quote.

Strengthen your web presence with a powerful online marketing system

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Social Media Management

We take the struggle of keeping your social media presence up to date off your plate. Your life is busy enough. As a small business, you have many things to do already. Social media doesn't have to be one of them. Social Media Marketing

Internet Advertising Management

When buyers are searching google for your service or products before the bid, during the bid or after do you want them to find you first? We help you reach exactly who you want to visit to your website. Internet Advertising

Email Marketing

We provide small business enterprises a full service email marketing solution. You receive a creative strategy to reach and engage key decision makers as a part of your relationship building campaigns. Email Marketing

Search Engine Marketing / SEO

Are you interested in ranking higher with search engines? Looking for more qualified leads? More sales? Our Search Engine Optimization services has proven to be hugely beneficial for businesses of all sizes. SEO

All services include strategy, design, integration and copywriting to get you where you’re going.

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Why Our Clients Love Us.



“ NorthLake Digital are dedicated professionals who go above and beyond
the call of duty to make sure our goals are accomplished. “

– Brian James, Vice President of Operations, Electrical Apparatus



“I’ve been impressed by NorthLake Digital and how they’ve educated
me in improving my marketing for my website.”

– Fanish Engineer President, U.A Medical Products, Inc.



“ Working with NorthLake Digital has been a pleasure. They not only take a proactive approach to web design, but they also think proactively about the functionality of your website and how to drive organic traffic. NorthLake has always met our deadlines. ”

– John Ham, Director of Marketing, American Product Distributors



“NorthLake Digital were great professionals when it came to designing
and marketing my website. I plan to continue to refer business to them.”

– Archie Black, Principal Consultant, Government Contract Services

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Our pricing starts at $100 and most of our projects are under $20k.
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  • Beautiful Branding
    (Brand your business from start to finish)
  • Fancy Website
    (Fully managed. Do you. We got this.)
  • Attractive Social Presence
    (Flawless social media look)


  • Search Engine Optimization
    (Seek & you shall find)
  • Internet Advertising Management
    (Be there when your customers need you.)
  • Social Media Advertising
    (FB, Twitter, etc.)


  • Email Marketing
    (Yes. It still works.)
  • Social Media Management
    (Look alive folks!
  • Lead Nurturing/Relationship Management
    (Help, Help, Sell, repeat.)

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