Beat your competition at their own game.
Add some secret agent, spy movie action.

Competitive Analysis

Look into your competitors to save on your marketing strategies

Want to get the scoop on what your competition is doing
so you can beat them to the punch?

What Is a Competitive Analysis?

  • It’s the best support for strategic marketing decisions. It gathers and evaluates information about competitor companies, products, and customers to give you a competitive edge.
  • With these insights, you will be able to access the right markets and get the right customers for your business.
  • A competitor analysis looks into what makes your competition more visible and provides solutions for your business to get ahead.
  • Get clear and specific data about the market and your competition to allocate resources efficiently and stand out from the crowd.

Don’t underestimate the power of information. Especially
if the information is about your competitors.

What Does a Competitive
Analysis Investigate?

  • In short, it investigates your competition’s products and activity, your customers, and the market.
  • It gives you optimized content This type of research unlocks valuable information about who you’re up against in the race for search engine popularity.attract the right people to your website in the right way.
  • It correctly identifies your target market by answering questions about who they are, what your business can do for them, and how.
  • It finds potential gaps in the market that you can fill with your products or services.
  • It finds juicy data about market trends and how you can use them to your advantage.

Why Is a Competitive Analysis Important?

One of the main goals of any business is to gain (and retain) a competitive edge. It’s the surest path to establishing a strong local, national and international market share, getting more customers, and generating more income. And let’s not forget bypassing any competition.

Competitive edge is no easy feat, but there is a universal truth that will get you there sooner rather than later. Hint: it’s information. Valuable information about who’s after the same online bone you are and what their strategies are.

Healthcare, hotels & restaurant, legal, construction or industrial businesses can all benefit from researching their competition.

This is true even, or should we say especially, for big businesses. Competitor analysis is, after all, How Starbucks Brought Coffee to China. Yes, they brought coffee to a tea-drinking country by doing the right kind of research.

Any digital strategies you may be planning must take into account who your competition is, what services or products they offer, how they do their marketing, and what their weaknesses are. They also must include as much information about the market and potential customers as possible. Otherwise, it’s all just a stab in the dark.

Think of it like this: competitive analysis turns your competition from rival to ally. It’s how you find out where you stand as opposed to other players on the market. And it’s how you find out where to direct your efforts to where they’ll have the biggest impact. Because at the end of the day it’s all about ROI. You need to spend less and get more.

Why You Need a Competitive
Analysis for Your Business

Because it’s how you’ll learn you don’t need to outspend your competition to outsmart them. And you don’t need to be the underdog when it comes to popular keywords your competition can afford to throw money at just because your budget is tighter

Yes, there is a way for you to shine without breaking the bank. It’s just a matter of looking at the right facts and drawing the right conclusions. With the right SEO skills, you can find hidden gems like low competition keywords or keywords that have a low search volume and turn them into money.

Low competition keywords don’t also mean low impact. On the contrary, my dear Watson! The chances of turning a lead into a sale sky-rocket when your keywords answer a searcher’s very specific needs. Because traffic is not so useful to your business if it doesn’t turn into sales.

However, there aren’t many low competition keywords out there, so there is a lot of digging involved to get you exactly the right ones and still have money for coffee. Others are ready to snap them up before you do if you don’t plan your moves right.

Let us find the right strategy for you so you don’t need to worry about anything else but riding off into the sunset after your lead generation goals are exceeded.

How Competitive Analysis Works and
How We Can Grow Your Sales

The first step is to identify all the relevant keywords for each step of your customer’s journey. Next, it’s decision time.

This decision depends on your industry (healthcare, hotels & restaurant, legal, construction or industrial) and what market you’re after (local, national or international).

The keywords you choose must be highly relevant, specific, require the least amount of resources, and have the highest ROI. Sounds complicated? Have no fear, we’ve got solutions for this, too. Here’s how:

1. We identify your biggest competitors.

To do this properly, we must determine exactly who will qualify as competition and who won’t. You may think of some of them as competitors, but looking closely you’ll see that you’re not both after the same things.

2. We get the metrics on their tactics and results.

We get clear data on the organic keywords your competition uses, the monthly traffic they generate, their domain’s score, and their backlinks.

3. We see how they go about showcasing and marketing their product or service.

See whether they have frequent promotions, if they offer e-books, if they make videos, webinars, podcasts, and the level of engagement they get from their audience.

4. We find out what pay-per-click campaigns your competition is running.

Knowing if your competition is regularly putting money into PPC will tell you if they’re seeing results. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be doing it.

5. We research keywords that have the best conversion rates.

We take your competition’s keywords and filter them out. Then, we identify low competition keywords that will get you the most bang for your buck.


To sum it up, with a touch of the right kind of research into your competition you won’t have to pay an arm and a leg to beat them.

With our competition analysis, you’ll no longer have to guess which keywords you should target, or which type of content you should create. All you’ll have to do is follow the beaten path to success that others have walked on before you.

No, by that we don’t mean you’ll be copying your competitors. You’ll still be doing your own thing. Just imagine you’re walking in the jungle. The unbeaten path is full of bushes and branches poking at you. The beaten path, on the other hand, is smoother and less dangerous. You are still you. The path is what changes. Basically, what we cut out of the equation is all the bush and tree poking to give you a clear path to a larger market share.

Sure, you could use your own amateur sleuths to gather intelligence on what your competition is selling. But the thing with amateurs is that you won’t know if they’re getting the right intelligence. And they most likely don’t know how to turn that intelligence into a kick-ass marketing strategy. Yes, you need professionals to uncover opportunities and get results.

We find out what your customers want, how they look for what they want, where they get it from now, and what you can do to improve their experience. It’s not easy, but it’s honest work.

Put us to work to pave your way to success.



This is the part where we tell you what sets us apart and why you should let us solve your competitive analysis needs. And, guess what? We know exactly why because we’ve analyzed our competition!

Let’s say you want a new suit. You want it to fit well, be made of nice material, and compliment your figure, right? You wouldn’t go to Costco to get it, would you? No, most likely you’ll know that in order for that suit to show off your best assets and fine taste in clothing, you’ll need a tailor. 

Think of us as exactly that: SEO tailors. Digital marketing agencies tend to offer bulk services. That’s general packages to serve general marketing needs. That means you’ll also be paying for stuff you don’t need just because it’s part of that package. Our approach is more boutique.

How does that work, you ask? Easy! We offer personalized services with hands-on, round-the-clock delivery. You get the best of what you need because you don’t pay for what you don’t need. We’ll only offer you the services that fit your strategy, your budget, and your niche.

Our services are tailored to specific industries and all the different types of markets. Check out the specialized services we offer to healthcare, hotel & restaurant, legal, construction or industrial businesses. Or see what you can get for your business on local, national, and international markets.

Why You Can’t Afford Not to Get the
Right Competitive Analysis

It’s obvious why you wouldn’t hire a gardener to bake you a cake. But even when you know you need a baker for your cake, the trick is to get a good one.

It’s the same with digital marketing. A good SEO strategy for competitor analysis starts with taking a long, hard look at where you are now. It’s a step you don’t want to skip, but it’s essential to know where you stand to understand where you’re going.

Next, a competitive analysis specialist will determine if what you consider competition is actually fighting you for the same customers and markets. Chances are at least some of them are not. You don’t want to waste your time chasing rabbits going after other carrots.

As a rule of thumb, all things SEO are complicated and take a lot of time. It’s a complex, constantly-changing game. To stay ahead of the competition without breaking the bank, you need trained professionals to handle these things for you.

When you have your hands in too many pies, something is bound to fail. And while you’re failing, your competition won’t be.

Main Takeaways on Competitive Analysis





Nope. Just the right ones. And you’ll see that in the course of analyzing who your competition is, the results will surprise you. Many times we find that you were considering your competition to be businesses that are not after the same thing, and not paying attention to businesses that actually are your competitors.

It can take anywhere from 1 week to 1 month. It all depends on your industry. See the specialized services we offer to healthcare, hotel & restaurant, legal, construction or industrial businesses for more details.

You can never have too much intelligence on your market and competition. It gives you fresh eyes to see your strategies with. To stay ahead of your competitors, you should consider performing a competitive analysis quarterly. You could even do it as often as monthly if you’re looking for the best results.

Digital marketing companies nowadays are packed like sardines. We know that first hand. What we base our business on is offering clients the services they need instead of cookie-cutter nonsense.
See how we can deliver great services for your business by scheduling a consultation with our Competitive Analysis specialists.