How to Craft Dental Marketing Plans That Work

dental marketing

You have some of the best dentists in the area in your office. Your employees do quality dental work. Many of your customers even give positive reviews about their experiences at your office.

There is just one problem: Business isn’t booming.

You might be baffled, but we know what the source of your headache is. Simply put, your dental marketing plan just isn’t cutting it.

Of course, we completely understand the difficulties you’re facing. Marketing is far from easy, and we all make mistakes.

Fortunately, those mistakes can be fixed. All you have to do is follow along as we detail how to craft marketing plans that work.

Check Your Google Ranking

Google is the key to everything nowadays. That said, you shouldn’t be surprised to find that your Google ranking matters so much.

There are many factors which can make or break your ranking on Google. One of those is the business information you provide for Google to display. This information includes your business’s address, hours of operation, and contact info.

Your SEO efforts also play a part in your ranking. You want your site to be as user-friendly as possible. You also want to target the keywords that matter to your business.

Improving your ranking on Google can help potential clients find your business online more easily. As a result, it’s definitely worth your trouble.

Use Social Media

From Facebook to Twitter, there are numerous different types of social media platforms available today.

Quite simply stated, you need to be using some of them. That email campaign, though effective, is just not enough.

As a matter of fact, “businesses can’t survive without social media” today according to Fortune contributor Ryan Holmes.

Just think about it. Millions of potential customers use some form of social media every day. Consequently, you ought to have profiles on at least a couple of them. Claiming your name on these platforms is important

Claiming your name on these platforms is imperative. Not only do they help improve your SEO efforts, but they also help you engage with your clients.

Create Local Dental Marketing Plans

A local marketing campaign is a good idea for some small businesses. Perhaps, then, your dental marketing campaign would benefit from some local marketing.

Local marketing requires deep community engagement. You might consider working with some companies in your area and participating in local events.

You might even decide to contribute to a local charity or host a fundraiser for a cause. No, you won’t see any immediate profit, but you will become a local “darling” of sorts.

Believe us when we say that locals are much more likely to give you their service when they sense that you are all about doing positive things for the community. Give it a try.


We’ve given you a few handy tips, but dental marketing can’t be reduced to just a few tips.

There are so much more for you to learn about marketing your dental services.

And do you know what one of the best ways of educating yourself is?

Doing the research, of course.

There happens to be yet another way, though, that works just as well, and that’s sharing. Having said as much, drop a comment below and share some of the marketing tips that have helped your business flourish.

Your fellow entrepreneurs will thank you, and you’ll learn plenty of things yourself along the way.