How Used Car Dealer Reviews Can Affect Your SEO

As aused car dealer reviews used car dealership owner, you may be venturing into the wild frontier of digital marketing. As such, you’ve probably come across a few used car dealer reviews in your travels.

While these offer customers a chance to share their opinions on local businesses, they also affect your SEO and search engine rankings more than you think!

Looking to enhance your business? Read on to find out how to use reviews to your advantage!

Why do used car dealer reviews matter?

Used car dealer reviews should matter to you because they matter to your customers. This means that websites that allow them (such as Yelp or Google) are going to be at the forefront of any search results for your business.

Did you know that online reviews make up about 10% of result rankings for your business?

This means that you want reviews for your business to be good. If they are, this will help your reputation increase amongst the public.

However, if they’re bad, that will influence the opinion of your business. This could have the downside of spreading beyond your local sphere and into the world at large – but hopefully, you don’t have anything that bad!

Acquire reviews

Now that it’s pretty obvious how much reviews actually influence your SEO and search rankings, you need to come up with an acquisition strategy.

This doesn’t mean going up to people and asking them for a review. While your friends and family would likely be more than happy to throw a positive review your way, this isn’t ethical.

If you get caught, that will just serve to tarnish your business’ reputation.

Instead, remind customers to leave reviews on various websites. You can do this through a flier, a text message reminder, an email, posters in your store – there are limitless possibilities.

Also, link your review profiles on your website and social media. These are great ways to grab reviews.

Maintaining your reputation

Negative reviews happen. They’re a part of owning a business, and sometimes it can seem like everyone’s a critic.

If/when you get one, you may feel the urge to respond negatively boiling up. You may want to yell or send sarcastic responses. Definitely sit on those urges. Don’t act on them.

Also, don’t give in to the urge to contact support of the review website and ask that the review be taken down. Remember that review websites are forums for people to share experiences with your business. Regardless of whether or not you think the review is fair, it’s their truth.

To maintain your business’ reputation, you need to respond in a professional manner. Address whatever the customer was dissatisfied with and offer to make a better impression.

Remember that you can use negative reviews and critique to improve your business!


Reviews matter more than you may be giving them credit for. When it comes down to it, positive reviews can be like a jackpot for your business.

On the other side of the coin, too many negative reviews can break your business.

If you’re looking for a creative way to build community with your clients, don’t be afraid to encourage reviews! Your business will soar as you grab return business and new clients as well!