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What Is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it does just that. It refines your website’s structure, features, and content to attract organic traffic from search engine users.

Organic traffic is the number one source of leads and revenue generation for B2B businesses like industrial manufacturing and processing companies.

Although not part of the traditional marketing channels used by manufacturing or industrial companies, digital marketing offers many development possibilities for these types of businesses.

It allows you to access more networking and sales opportunities, increase brand awareness, generate more leads, and expand your marketing channel options.

We know that building a business and constantly working to grow its position and increase its revenue is not easy. That’s especially true when your product or service is specialized. Your days are already full. So, we’ll leave the SEO explanations at that.

From here, our specialists can take over and handle all your industrial SEO needs and get you the results you want for your business, because we know what it takes.

Our SEO strategies can help you develop your raw material processing, industrial machine manufacturing, or maintenance company. Whether that’s locally, nationally, or internationally. You can now take your business to the next level and allow your business to grow.

Think your audience is not online? Think again! Industrial SEO marketing is the best solution for B2B companies to boost their sale and revenue opportunities.

SEO Marketing Services for Industrial Companies.
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Don’t shy away from digital marketing strategies. There are unlimited
possibilities for your industrial business online.

Proven SEO Benefits for Industrial Companies

67% of purchases for multiple industrial manufacturing and pack-and-ship industries are now influenced by digital technologies source. Online, you have infinitely more opportunities to market your product than just repeat or face-to-face customers.

With the rising popularity of online searches and online resources, buyers have been changing their habits. Now it’s your turn to change your approach to industrial marketing!

Here’s a closer look at how SEO can help industrial manufacturing, processing, or maintenance companies:


  • A strong online presence and reputation increase your chances of closing a deal with a customer before you get to shake their hand. You can also bet that any potential client will visit your company’s website before contacting or meeting you.
  • Your sales pitch starts with how well your industrial company is presented online.
  • Go beyond your tight-knit community of engineering experts and electro mechanical enthusiasts and also build new networking opportunities within your circle to open up new marketing and sales channels for your industrial products, machines, or equipment.
  • SEO can help you promote your company’s expertise to more potential customers.
  • Establishing your business as an expert in the field builds trust and drives more relevant traffic to your industrial company’s website.
  • Trust leads to more potential buyers and long-term business by confirming that you are an expert that can solve any of their industrial manufacturing or maintenance needs and a reliable partner.

We also offer website promotion services to industrial or manufacturing companies looking to fast-track their digital marketing strategies.


  • Use content to explain complex engineering processes and industrial machine components and uses in simpler terms. This, in turn, will open up new opportunities to market your product or service’s benefits.
  • Communicating efficiently to your audience will also shorten the time it takes for them to decide to make a purchase. Content must always focus on solving customer problems to get you results.
  • Get them talking to you about motors, cranes, pumps, handling systems, conveyors, and production machines. Creating a buzz attracts more business.
  • Your potential customers need to see that you are a transparent and trustworthy partner. How? You can offer them advice, write informative pieces, promote behind-the-scenes videos from your industrial manufacturing or production plant to show your fabrication process.
  • Through SEO-optimized content, you create authority and nurture trust.

You can also use insights from competition analysis to align your content with user intent, but also your competitors’ online endeavors.


  • Machine shops, small to medium-sized industrial product manufacturers, and industrial repair businesses can reap the most benefits from targeting their local audience.
  • By using keywords such as “near me” or “around me” and keeping all business listings consistent and up-to-date, your local businesses can attract more potential customers from the area.
  • For medium to large industrial companies, such as electromechanical machine or equipment manufacturers, particularly those that target countrywide industries, national SEO is the best solution.
  • It optimizes your industrial company’s website to suit multiple locations and audiences and get relevant traffic.
  • If you run a global industrial company, why have any boundaries for your website and reach?
  • With international SEO you can optimize your industrial business’ website for different locations, cultures, and languages to build awareness, hit the right targets, and attract the most prospects.

For more details, check out our specialized local, national, and international SEO services.


  • To decrease bounce rates and increase conversion rates, your industrial website needs to have a good structure and optimized features and content. It needs metadata, tags, backlinks. It also needs to be fast, search-engine and user-friendly.
  • Through SEO, you can streamline a visitor’s journey to and on your website.
  • If someone researches manufacturing machines, your company can rank highest in their search results. For this, SEO uses URLs, metadata, tags, and keywords.
  • Then, once they click on it, your website delivers all the specifications and potential ROI information the prospective buyer needs to make a decision through SEO content. Once the decision is made, your website must also deliver on having a streamlined purchasing process.
  • SEO optimizes your website to align its content with user intent. It also helps search engine crawlers get the information they need. This improves your ranking, and helps deliver a better user experience that enhances conversion potential.

See the on-page SEO services we offer to boost your website’s performance and results.



To maximize results, an SEO strategy needs to adapt to hundreds of search engine updates, ranking factors, and best practices. But, most importantly, it needs to adapt to your company’s specific industry and niche.

Luckily, our top SEO specialists are highly knowledgeable. We apply industrial marketing tactics and fine-tune them to work for your business. We know that marketing a product or service to another business requires a different approach than consumer marketing. And that your product is more complex and your potential buyers are harder to target, more knowledgeable, and harder to sway.

That’s why your industrial company’s website needs to deliver on:

  • having optimized tactics for attracting qualified traffic
  • informative content to highlight the wide ranges and complexity of the products you manufacture
  • showing prospective customers how they can customize your product to their needs and how their business can benefit from investing in your industrial manufacturing product.

All our SEO tactics focus on the right customer profile. So, you won’t waste any dollar of your marketing budget on inefficient strategies. Plus, you’ll get the most out of your investment.

Our industrial SEO track record speaks for itself. We have a strong background in industrial and technical products and niches. We also have specialists available 24/7 and unbeatable monthly flat-rate offers. Schedule a consultation today to learn more about our custom business marketing strategies.

Our SEO Strategies for Industrial Companies

We focus on:

  • Increased online visibility so you can diversify your sales channels and expand your marketing opportunities
  • Engaging your audience and potential buyers using their preferred channels and keywords
  • Providing a steady flow of useful and relevant technical information to searchers and target audience to build their trust and your authority
  • Adapted content to serve local, national, and international audiences and markets.

It’s time to swap cold calls for an optimized digital marketing strategy. We’ll help you gain more visibility, attract more qualified leads, and gain more business. All online.

Here’s what our plans include:

Our SEO Strategies for Industrial Companies

Let’s dig deeper into how an SEO strategy works for a medical company:

Project kick-off meeting.

Or video call. We need to adapt to the times, right?This is where we help you identify your goals by going through your SEO strategy options and also what you want your SEO strategy to deliver.

SEO audit.

We find out why your website isn’t ranking higher and how you can get more traffic and more revenue from sales. We nail down your industrial website’s strengths and weaknesses and set up the foundation of the SEO strategy.


We identify where and how we can best target your prospective buyers and focus on the right keywords, with the best conversion potential and lowest rates.

Content creation

Value-added content not only attracts traffic. It also helps retain customers, build your reputation, and your industrial website’s backlink popularity. That supports all the other SEO tactics.

On-page optimization

This is where we work our magic on the technical features of your industrial website to improve its performance and search engine appeal.

Website Promotion

We also offer influencer marketing, link-building, search engine, digital PR, or PPC campaign services that complement your SEO efforts.

Main Takeaways on International SEO

  • With a high ranking website, industrial manufacturing, processing, or maintenance companies can enhance their marketing efforts. You can reach more audiences and access more markets to gain more clients and revenue.
  • Industrial products are complex and prospective buyers are scarce. With the right SEO keywords and content, you can customize your marketing strategies and adapt to your specific niche and audience. You can better target potential buyers and increase conversion rates.

  • By attracting the right audience, being transparent and efficient in your communication, enhancing user-experience, and optimizing lead conversion processes, SEO helps your industrial company retain more clients and turn more leads into buyers by streamlining their journey to and on your website.
  • SEO opens up new marketing opportunities for your industrial manufacturing, processing, or maintenance company by building trust, increasing brand awareness, and accessing untapped marketing channels to increase your market share.



You can intensify your promotion strategies with digital marketing to increase your chances of advertising and selling your industrial product or service. SEO helps you reach more markets and more people to increase your chances of building your business.

It all depends on your objectives. Not sure what your goals are yet? We can help you find the answer to any questions you may have about your marketing strategies, so give us a call.

We can’t offer a clear-cut answer to this question because it depends on so many factors. But, you can get a custom quote for your industrial business if you get in touch with our SEO specialists now.

You always want your website to go through a regular SEO audit to make sure everything is consistent and up to date. It’s the only way to keep the top spot once you’ve earned it.

We offer custom strategies for industrial SEO and have a strong record in implementing SEO for manufacturing or production companies. We know what it takes to market machines, equipment, and technical products. Our strategies are transparent, easy to understand and track and fully personalized. That’s how we deliver results.

Schedule a consultation with our SEO specialists and we’ll find the right solutions for your industrial company.