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Let's begin the best local search all in one place to crush your competition and dominate local visibility.

Stop playing hide-and-seek with customers. Our search engine optimization services will get you found easily and quickly. search engine optimization

For less than $20 per day we have a proven method for helping you increase the volume of customers you are looking for.  We analyze the search behavior for your products or services to help position you where you can provide the most value of your prospects.

Get all the local search marketing you need in one place.  We provide the best local seo in the business.  We are intensely thought out and effective for your success.  Give us a call or request a quote today.

increase your visibility and see results

When a potential customer searches online for a product or service you provide, is your business at the top of the results?  NorthLake Digital offers proven methods to increase your ranking and visibility.

It starts with knowing your audience and their needs. We then research and analyze keywords and search terms associated with your business. We comb through analytics and assess your website to determine a strategy that will get results.

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we dive into digital details:
  • Website Audit:

    We review your site and determine improvements that can maximize performance.

  • Keyword Research:

    We examine keyword effectiveness and identify those that best serve your business and what it has to offer

  • Content Optimization:

    We assess your website content to ensure the most effective visitor experience.

  • Social Media engagement

    We marry your SEO efforts with social media marketing that drives users to your site.

Local SEO is the art and science of directing paying customers to the front door of your business.

Local SEO revolves around increasing and boosting the visibility of your local business by taking it to the top of all major search listings in your region. This way, you stand a better chance of attracting geographically-related traffic back to your site regardless of existing competition in the area. This locally targeted traffic will not only help your site stay relevant as far as local ranking algorithms are concerned but also assist in driving a targeted demographic of customers that are ideal for your products or services.

Our agency primarily focuses on offering local SEO strategies that are customized to increase your site’s visibility with local organic traffic. This is achieved by using an artful combination of sending the appropriate location signals with inbound links, social, and other on-page signals to Google. We apply marketing strategies designed to help you grow your business and create an organic customer base.

We put tremendous effort in helping our clients’ sites attain high local search results and rankings by regularly evaluating traffic sources and related information for extensive optimization. Unlike our competitors, we often go a step further and create profiles on popular social media platforms for your business in a bid to extend our reach to your site’s target audience.

We will also ensure our clients have a mobile-friendly ranking strategy to make sure that search results related to your business do not just appear on desktops but also on tablets and mobile devices. Our objective is to ensure that you stay at the top of your game by dominating the search results listings originating from your area. With this approach, you will begin seeing a sharp increase in profitability as our team will also help you optimize your location in such as way that potential customers will be drawn to you. You won’t have to look for them.

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