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We take your business or event and turn it into high performing press release. We will promote your press release through multiple, well known news outlets including the Associated Press, Lexis Nexis & Comtex. Hundreds of popular news distributors will review your press release and publish it with their authoritative news websites.

With the NorthLake Digital Press Release Distribution Service, these releases bring authority, trust, and diversity to your business profile. On top of that, your customers love news articles about they businesses they use and are impressed when you can show them your success stories. When news publications pick up your article and publish it on their website, you’ll also be getting powerful backlinks.

It’s just one more way to improve your brand credibility while building positive exposure and trusted recognition.

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One of the awesome benefits about our press release distribution is that you’ll have exposure on high quality websites from reputable news sources like ABC, CBS, NBC and more.
Our press release distribution services come with some essential business features:

  • Put these CBS, NBC and ABC logos on your site in the “featured by” section – giving you important credibility and social evidence.
  • Post the actual links to the high quality news sources via social media by posting them on your social media profiles
  • 500 Word Search Optimized Article Written by A Professional Copywriter

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Monthly Flat Rate (Weekly Blog)
$499 per month

Other Digital Marketing Companies

40 hrs/week
Monthly Salary
$2528 per month

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