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Top 3 Reasons Why Hotels & Restaurants Need SEO

The hospitality business is known for being a bit crowded, to say the least. Restaurants, cafés, hotels pop up time and again, each hoping their recipe is the one for phenomenal success. But drawing crowds in is challenging.

Hotel and restaurant owners are well aware of this fact. That’s why they’re constantly struggling to find new and better ways to improve their business’s visibility and stand out from the crowd so they can attract more customers.

Need more on the reasons why SEO is important for any hotel or restaurant business? Here are just a few major challenges:

  • Competition is tough. With over 700,000 food & beverage and over 55,000 hotel units in the US, it’s safe to say the fight for customers is not easy on hotel and restaurant owners and managers. They need to relentlessly adapt and reinvent their marketing and promotion strategies.
  • Profit margins are unstable. A hotel or restaurant’s profitability depends on anything from the weather (seasonal), to the GDP. Owners and managers must constantly stay on top of things by decreasing costs and increasing sales. They need to worry about accounting, sales, purchases, staffing. There’s so much to do and so little time.
  • Profit margins are unstable. A hotel or restaurant’s profitability depends on anything from the weather (seasonal), to the GDP. Owners and managers must constantly stay on top of things by decreasing costs and increasing sales. They need to worry about accounting, sales, purchases, staffing. There’s so much to do and so little time.

What Is SEO? And Why Does SEO Matter?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. You probably already know that and find it self-explanatory. But what you need to know about SEO is how it works and why it matters to your hotel or restaurant business.

SEO is a suite of strategies that work together to get more organic traffic from search engines to your hospitality business’ website. Now here’s the trick. Organic traffic also increases the number of actual visits you get from customers. Online traffic basically also translates to foot traffic.

Did that get your attention? We thought so. The way hotel and restaurant SEO strategies work is that they use keywords, content, and more technical stuff like metadescriptions, tags and alt tags, URLs, backlinks plus listing management to make sure your business gets noticed by potential customers.

Most importantly, you want to have the right balance when you choose the keywords your hotel and restaurant SEO strategy will be built on. You need specific, long-tail, high ROI keywords that drive the right kind of traffic. Because if website visits don’t turn into paying customers, what’s all the effort for?

So, how would you like it if your boutique hotel ranks highest in search engine results for “best family-managed hotel in Atlanta, GA”? Or if your Thai food restaurant makes it to the top of the list when anyone searches for “Thai delivery near me”? Yes, it’s doable. We’ve got your back.

Our specialists can handle all your hotel and restaurant SEO needs and get you the results you want for your business, because we know what it takes to implement good SEO for the hospitality industry

SEO Marketing Services for Hotels and Restaurants. Increase Your Chances for Success with More Visibility and Traffic


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Top 5 Benefits of Hospitality SEO for Hotels & Restaurant

There’s no way hotel and restaurant owners or managers can turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to digital marketing. The game is now played online and anyone who doesn’t get with it gets left behind. That is to say that anyone still having reservations about this is probably getting little to no reservations to their hotel or restaurant.

We know SEO is how you get your hotel or restaurant noticed and attract customers in packs. But, for non-believers (and believers alike), we’ve lined the top 5 benefits of hospitality SEO for any hotel and restaurant business:

1. A strong online presence means more business.

With billions (yes, billions) of online searches performed every day, you can bet search engines are where (and how) your next customer finds you. For hotel and restaurant searches, there’s almost no question that whoever is looking for this type of hospitality business will be doing it nowhere else than online. Just think about where you last researched potential bed and breakfasts or new eateries

2. Organic traffic increases profitability.

Why? Basically, because it’s free advertising. So, no more wasted marketing dollars. Your top ranking hotel or restaurant website and your good reputation do all the work for you if you have good SEO.

Plus, when it translates to more foot traffic, you get more revenue. So, the more money in the bank, the more profit. We’re sure you can do the math. There are zero downsides to online popularity when it comes to your income.

3. SEO increases brand awareness and builds your hotel or restaurant’s reputation.

That’s self-explanatory, isn’t it? The more visible and popular your hotel or restaurant is online, the more crowds you’ll be drawing in to your locations. And if you want to build that great reputation and increase awareness, hospitality SEO is the way to do it.

It optimizes your hotel or restaurant website, its features, content, and structure to get you ranking high on search engine results. But, not only that. It builds backlinks and uses business listings and influencer marketing to get the buzz started about your business and get more people interested in what you have to offer.

4. Optimizing for location brings in more customers.

The top “near me” searches performed by Internet users relate to food. Searches for accommodation are also very popular. And that’s not all. These searches are not your average search.

They are associated with the desire to make a purchase. Practice saying ‘ka-ching!’, because when your hotel or restaurant SEO is done right, that’s what you’ll be doing all day. There’s no better way to attract customers than to tap into the potential of nearby searchers and focus on their immediate needs.

5. Online promotion strategies are more effective.

Your banners and magazine ads pay off, sure. Just not much. You get seen, maybe you get some reservations, but digital marketing is slowly leaving traditional marketing in the dust. With traditional marketing, you can’t really engage with your customers. And with hotel and restaurant businesses, it’s really important to be able to do that. They are your guests, after all.

Traditional marketing also costs more, you get little feedback from it and its efficacy is hard to measure. SEO digital marketing is all about clear data, measurable results, and massive reach at an affordable cost.

So, if you’re ready to get moving on a properly planned digital strategy for your hotel or restaurant, give us a call and we’ll be glad to take you through your options and help you make the right choice for your business.



Let’s get specific. To maximize results, an SEO strategy needs to adapt to hundreds of search engine updates, ranking factors, and best practices. But, most importantly, it needs to adapt to your company’s specific industry and niche.

For hotels and restaurants, we offer customized SEO services that cover every aspect that can turn your hospitality business into the queen of the ball. We pack our hotel and restaurant SEO strategies with all the ingredients they need to deliver results because we know your audience.

Based on our studies of hospitality industry clients and our extensive experience in hotel and restaurant SEO, we can deliver:

  • More organic traffic and leads
  • Content development strategies that attract new audiences
  • Proven strategies for online reputation management and increased customer loyalty
  • Extended optimization tactics that cover user-experience, website responsiveness, and audience engagement aspects.

All our SEO tactics focus on the right customer profile. So, you won’t waste any dollar of your marketing budget on inefficient strategies. Plus, you’ll get the most out of your investment. We offer you SEO specialists that are available 24/7 and unbeatable monthly flat-rates.

Schedule a consultation today to learn more about our custom business marketing strategies.

Our Proven Hotel and Restaurant SEO Strategies

We focus on:

  • Increased online visibility so you can attract organic traffic and build your hotel or restaurant’s reputation.
  • Optimizing your website and listings for local audiences.
  • Engaging your audience and potential customers using their preferred channels and keywords.
  • Using promotion strategies to target specific audiences and markets.

Now, let’s look at how we do that:

The right keywords.

We don’t joke around when it comes to researching keywords. If and how much traffic you get depend on it.

To get people to eat your food and sleep in your rooms, we find very specific, high ROI keywords for your hotel and restaurant SEO strategies.

We hand-pick highly relevant, low competition keywords that won’t cost you an arm and a leg but will get you more visitors and referrals.

The more specific the keywords, the more chances of reservations and paying customers.

Local SEO

We target local search engine users with high conversion potential.

In the case of restaurants, most people won’t go too far away from home to satisfy their hunger.

In the case of hotels, we target travelers looking for a place to temporarily call home and help foreign tourists easily find you.

We literally put you on the map with optimized content and listings that attract traffic and ease booking, contact, and review options to get you more customers.


Content development

Hotels and restaurants need to serve and entertain guests.
The latest trend in digital marketing content strategies focuses on a transparent, open approach and communication with potential customers.

And we’re loving it! You get a chance to show people your team, behind the scenes action, and your true nature.

People love a familiar and friendly approach to customer service, it attracts more traffic and secures return customers.

On-page optimization

This is where we work our magic on the technical features of your hotel or restaurant’s website to improve its performance and search engine appeal.

We optimize your hotel or restaurant’s website to ease the customer’s journey from consideration to purchase. We optimize for mobile devices since everyone is on their phones all day.

We optimize for voice search since typing is quickly becoming a chore. We streamline your website’s booking options, contact details, menu, prices, room rates so every customer can easily find the right answer to their question and want to make a booking.

Website Promotion

Creating an online buzz around your hotel and business is a traffic goldmine. There is little else that can attract as many potential customers and as much traffic.

Through our targeted influencer marketing, link-building, digital PR, or PPC campaigns, your hospitality business’ website will be referred to by the best there is.

These services complement your SEO efforts and get people talking about you to raise the interest of potential customers fast.


Since most people search for hotels and restaurants online, your best bet is going to the source. SEO can help you reach customers, increase your number of reservations, or host more events. 

Implementing SEO can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. Depending on your objectives, your industry, and how competitive your market is, it’s difficult to estimate how soon you will start seeing results, but it can range from 6 months to 1 year.

Not sure what your goals are yet? We can help you find the answer to any questions you may have about your marketing strategies, so give us a call.

The cost of SEO depends on what is included. Most SEO campaigns range from $500-$2,000/month based on target customer market. A one-time set-up can be estimated between $1,500-$3,000 depending on size of website. 

The hourly rates for SEO Implementation are between $50 – $250 per hour.  We can’t offer a clear-cut answer to this question because it depends on so many factors. But, you can get a custom quote for your hotel or restaurant if you get in touch with our SEO specialists now.

You always want your website to go through a regular SEO audit to make sure everything is consistent and up to date. It’s the only way to keep the top spot once you’ve earned it.

Because SEO is what we do and all we do. Throw in the fact that we have extensive know-how and experience in hotel and restaurant SEO and you’ve got your answer. Our SEO strategies are easy to understand, fully transparent, and personalized to your specific needs. All you have to do is [schedule a consultation with our SEO specialists].