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SEO Website Audit

Increase your search engine ranking to attract more traffic and leads

Do you know how well your website is performing?

What Is an SEO Website Audit?

  • In short, it’s the tool that answers all your questions of why your website is ranking lower than your competition’s and why you’re not getting more traffic and more revenue from sales.
  • The long answer is that an SEO Website Audit is a complex analysis of your website’s architecture, content, speed, tags, backlinks. It also identifies any on-page errors and analyzes your competition.
  • An SEO Audit evaluates how well your website does in search engine results. To push your site forward, search engines must be able to understand and read it well.

Does your website deliver?

What Does an SEO Website Audit Do?

  • Identifies what needs to be changed on and off your website
  • Determines how to make these changes
  • It doesn’t only show what’s wrong with your website, but also what performs well so you can keep doing it
  • Checks your competition and shows you how to beat them
  • Gives you important insight to make an actionable plan.

Why Is an SEO Audit So Important?

Your website needs to be in tip-top shape and ready to perform. That is to say it can’t just show the products or services you offer and wait for people to discover it. It needs to rank high in search.

Above all, it needs to deliver results, because you don’t have time and resources to waste on trying marketing tactics based on bad data.

You need to know your buyers and use the most out of your resources to be able to generate more revenue, lead your industry, establish a strong market share, and knock out your competition.

That’s where our SEO Audit services come in. You want to know how your website is performing and how it can be optimized to turn less visitors into more visitors. And to turn those visitors into paying customers.

To boost search engine rankings and attract more sales and more revenue, you need to stop guessing and get real answers. It’s the first step in a properly planned digital strategy.

And Why Is an SEO Audit Important for You?

Google handles an average of 75,000 searches per second. That adds up to over 4.5 million searches per minute and trillions of searches per year. Yes, trillions.

And that’s just Google. Bing handles an average of another billion searches each month. Yes, contrary to popular belief, Bing matters.

As of April 2020, there were 4.57 billion internet users across the world. That’s more than 59% of the global population.

The number of social media users is over 3.5 billion as we speak. Well, write . Anyhow, that’s a lot of potential customers.

A proper SEO Audit is the best and only way to identify any slips and issues keeping your website from generating traffic and leads. And keeping you from attracting more revenue.

How an SEO Audit Works and How We
Can Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

Our SEO Audit finds any issues and errors that affect your website’s current performance and shows how to fix them. Technical efficacy, content, UX, speed and mobile optimization are some of the main aspects analyzed by our SEO Audit. These include:

1. The SEO score

shows how well your site is doing in four main categories: technical performance, content, user experience (UX), and mobile optimization. These are the main aspects we analyze to determine your website’s performance on search engines.

2. Website speed

plays a major role in how your website ranks on search engines. Not to mention your conversion rates. Let’s just say that any half a second your page is not loading properly eats out of your profits. So, we analyze and find solutions to optimize speed and have your website loading in no time.

3. The backlink analysis

is vital to an SEO Audit. We look at who is linking to your website and see what your best performing content is. That determines your backlink popularity. Even better, we also check out your competition’s backlink profile to see what they’re up to and how you can beat their rankings.

4. Identifying traffic trends and keywords

is one of the main benefits of an SEO Audit. We give you insights that help you better understand customer behavior. This way, you can target your content for the right channels to maximize conversions.

5. The SEO performance analysis

gives us the information we need to fix any errors in need of fixing. And thus pave the way for more organic (and free) traffic.

6. SEO optimization solutions

are prioritized based on potential impact and how easy they can be implemented. After specific changes are put in place, they can be checked for results by running another audit.


Some errors are technical and require specialized technical solutions, like optimizing the website’s interaction with bots. These issues are also the most critical when it comes to your website’s SEO health. So, they need proper fixing.

Other errors are less technical and quicker fixes, like adding keywords to your H1 headings or tags. But, in the end, it all matters.

Search engines don’t care about your website’s colors and that cute picture you chose for your avatar. But, they do care about URLs, and content, and meta descriptions, and backlinks. And being able to properly crawl your webpages.

Yes, we know. It sounds techy and elaborate. And that’s exactly why you want a specialist to do it for you.

You wouldn’t operate on your cat if it needed surgery. You’d take it to a vet. So, let our SEO audit specialists analyze your website and find out why it’s not delivering the results you were expecting.

Your website could be just a few (or more) errors and improvements away from delivering great results.



At this point, you may be asking: ‘Can’t I just do the SEO Audit myself?’

Sure, you can do anything if you put your time and mind to it. It’s just that we can do it better. Because SEO is all we do. You probably have other things on your plate. We don’t.

Our SEO specialists are available 24/7 and our monthly flat-rate offers are unbeatable. Expanding your brand’s awareness and growing your business are our prime focus.

The proof is in the pudding and our track record speaks for itself. But, we’re also ready to show it to you, not just let it speak. Any good SEO company should be able to showcase the results obtained for their clients. And that’s what we do.

Why You Need a Specialist for Your SEO Audit

Different search engines also have different algorithms. Each of them has a different way of choosing which site ranks highest. And these algorithms are constantly changing and adapting.

The main purpose of search engines is to give searchers the best information in the quickest possible way. And they work hard to make that choice. So, SEO also needs to work hard to keep up with them.

There’s a reason why SEO is the most searched for marketing term on any of the search engines. It’s not easy and it’s constant work to keep up with all the changes.

You need someone to help you navigate these rapid waters. Ultimately, you need someone who dedicates all their time and energy to managing your SEO goals. And you need someone who makes clicks turn into money. That’s us!

The Main Benefits of an SEO Audit

  • YOU SEE WHY YOU’RE NOT RANKING WELL – You get an in-depth analysis of everything that’s holding your website from performing better and delivering more results.
  • YOU GET MORE TRAFFIC AND LEADS – You get solutions to properly fix all of your website’s errors and see what’s keeping it from ranking higher in search engine results and generating more sales.
  • YOU BOOST ORGANIC SEARCHES – This will save you precious time and money spent on advertising. Because ranking well and driving organic searches is basically free advertising.
  • YOU IMPROVE USER EXPERIENCE – Users will spend more time on your website if your website’s functionality is improved. Because it’s friendlier and that turns into sales fast.
  • YOU IMPROVE YOUR CONVERSION RATES – Increased website functionality and a complex analysis of what works best for your website will increase conversion rates.
  • YOU SIMPLIFY YOUR MARKETING EFFORTS – You get clear metrics showing how you can improve your website’s visibility and traffic.
  • YOU GET REAL ANSWERS – You get real data and learn how and where to target your digital future marketing strategies.


ABOUT seo audit

To give you the answers you need, we use the most reliable SEO Audit tools available. These tools give us access to billions of keywords, trillions of links, and hundreds of millions of pieces of content to give you the best results. Our SEO Audit and SEO on-page optimization services include the use of different tools to deliver services specifically tailored to your business’ needs.

An SEO Audit can take anywhere from a few days to 1.5 months to complete. It all depends on the number of pages your website has and the complexity of the results you need from the SEO audit You’ll want to request a custom quote to find out exactly how long an SEO Audit would take for your website.

Just like its duration, an SEO Audit cost depends on several different factors. In the end, it all boils down to the number of pages on your website and the complexity of the analyzed factors. You’ll want to request a custom quote to find out exactly how much an SEO Audit would cost for your website.

An SEO Audit is made up of several separate types of audits. There is a technical part of the audit that analyzes your website’s technical performance. The content audit part looks at how to optimize your keyword usage, your title tags, and images. The backlink audit analyzes the links leading to your website. There is also a competition part of the audit, that analyzes your website and your competitor’s website to show how you can make your website better.

Routine SEO Audits can even be performed monthly. However, an in-depth SEO Audit is usually performed one or as often as twice per year. This aspect also depends on several factors like the size of our website and the industry you are active in such as: construction, healthcare, industrial, hotels & restaurants, lawyers.